Winfield Scott Hancock War-Date Autograph with Kunstler Print

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This is an absolutely incredible piece that would look amazing on the wall, displayed prominently. Featured is a war-date Autograph by General Winfield Scott Hancock and a beautiful limited edition print titled “Hancock The Superb” by the great Mort Kunstler.

The signature is a war-date autograph by Winfield Scott Hancock signed as Major General. It is in extremely fine condition and written in Ink.

The print is a sold-out, limited edition, hand signed and numbered Mort Kunstler masterpiece. It portrays General Hancock amongst troops of the famed Irish Brigade as they make a stubborn and valiant stand at the Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862. This day would be know as the bloodiest single day of the War.

All comes beautifully and professionally custom framed, air tight, using only museum quality materials i.e. acid free mat board and backing, ultra-violet protection glass, etc. The frame is made with high quality, beautifully finished mahogany wood. Ready for your wall!

This item is 100% authentic and is pre-certified by one of the leading experts who authenticates for some of the top auction houses. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, along with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Buy with complete confidence.

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