Union General William F. “Baldy” Smith Card Signed + Engraving


Card Signed in ink. “Respectfully your obedient servant, William F. Smith, Maj. Genl Vols.” Card measures 4 X 2. Nice crisp signature and ideal for framing. Included is a beautiful period engraving of the Battle of Antietam depicting General Burnside’s Division storming the bridge. Would look great framed together. Smith was praised for gallantry at the 7 days Battle and Antietam. 


William Farrar Smith (February 17, 1824 – February 28, 1903), known as ‘Baldy’ Smith, was a Union general in the American Civil War, notable for attracting the extremes of glory and blame. He was praised for his gallantry in the Seven Days Battles and the Battle of Antietam, but was demoted for insubordination after the disastrous defeat at the Battle of Fredericksburg. As chief engineer of the Army of the Cumberland, he achieved recognition by restoring a supply line that saved that army from starvation and surrender, known the “Cracker Line”, that helped Union troops to success in the Chattanooga Campaign in the autumn of 1863. Leading the first operation against Petersburg, Smith’s hesitation, possibly illness-related, cost the Union a prime opportunity for a quick end to the war, and he was relieved of command.

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