Union General John Schofield War Date ES


General John Schofield War Date endorsement signed, “John Schofield” in ink. Dated September 25th, 1863. Measures 3.75 X 3.25. Overall fine with typical folds. Great item for framing. Photo not included.


John Schofield (1831-1906) was an 1853 graduate of West Point...Read More »

Union General Gilman Marston DS *WIA 2nd Bull Run*


Gilman Marston document signed, Exeter Dec. 3rd, 1855. In ink. Measures 4 X 8. Some wear and tape shows on left side, folds, and slight ink bleeding from verso. Fine condition. Signature is clear and bold. Great item to frame. Photo not...Read More »

Union General Rufus Ingalls Signature


Signed on verso of document “Rufus Ingalls” in ink. Document is dated May 17th, 1879 from the Chief Quartermasters office, Fort Omaha, Nebraska. Document has folds, one of which is beginning to separate. There is some toning throughout. Overall very good. His signature is...Read More »

Civil War Union General Edmund Schriver ALS


Autograph letter signed, 1 page, both sides in ink. Schriver signs on verso “E. Schriver”. The letter is dated September 26th but no year. The letter has folds, some soiling and toning and ink bleeding. Overall very good. A side of the...Read More »

Union General William F. "Baldy" Smith Card Signed + Engraving


Card Signed in ink. “Respectfully your obedient servant, William F. Smith, Maj. Genl Vols.” Card measures 4 X 2. Nice crisp signature and ideal for framing. Included is a beautiful period engraving of the Battle of Antietam depicting General Burnside’s Division storming the bridge....Read More »

Union General Fletcher Webster ALS *KIA 2nd Bull Run*


Fletcher Webster (1818-1862) ALS, 1 page. Washington, April 30th 1841. Overall fine with some typical folds. He was the son of Daniel Webster and was killed at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run. Perfect item for framing. Photo not included.

Read More »

Union General John G. Parke ALS


Autograph Letter Signed, in ink, 1 page. From Washington D.C., May 11th, 1890. Signed “John G. Parke, Colonel Retired Brvt. Major Genl.” Bold ink throughout with some blotting at the tip of “J” and “H” in his name. Otherwise fine with typical...Read More »

Union General Lorenzo Thomas War Date LS


Dated September 23rd, 1861 from Washington. In dark bold ink, signed “L. Thomas”. It reads in part in a different hand: “The following Brigade Surgeons are assigned to duty with the command of the officers named, and will report accordingly.” The surgeon listed is to...Read More »

Union General Daniel Ullman ALS


Autograph Letter Signed, 1 pg. in ink. Measures 8 X 5. Dated July 12th, no year. Signed “Daniel Ullman”. Overall fine with normal folds, toning and wear. Great for framing. Photo not included. 


During the Civil War, Ullman became colonel of...Read More »

Union General Franz Sigel ALS + Engraving


Franz Sigel ALS dated May 6th, 1875. In ink ,1 page. Overall very fine with some light folds. Measures 5 X 8. Beautiful ALS and ideal for framing along with the original engraving that goes with it. 



Robert Patterson Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page, in ink. Dated October 8th, 1855. Overall fine with folds and light soiling, toning. Would frame up nicely. Photo not included. Patterson was the oldest commissioned major general of the Civil War and was blamed for letting Confederate...Read More »

Union Surgeon General William A. Hammond War Date Clip Signature


Signed “William Hammond Surgeon General, USA”. Clip signature measuring 3 X 1.5. Overall very fine. Nice bold signature in ink. A nice piece of medical history you can frame up on your wall.


Upon the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War, Hammond...Read More »

Union General John A. Logan Card Signed


Signed in ink “John A. Logan, Illinois”. Measures 3.25 X 2. Overall very fine. Nice clear signature and ideal for framing. Along with it is an original engraving of the General. Could be a nice pair together under glass!


U.S....Read More »

Union Col. Luigi Palmadi di Cesnola ALS *MOH*


Autograph Letter Signed, 1 page, both sides in ink. Dated February 28th, 1877 to a Mr. Hall. Large signature on verso in bold ink. Overall fine with normal folds and toning. Luigi was awarded the Medal Of Honor for his actions at...Read More »

Union General Edward W. Hincks War Date Signature *WIA* Antietam


Edward Hincks war date signature, in ink. Letter is dated Jan. 1, 1864. State of New Hampshire letterhead (Office of Acting Assistant Probost Marshall General). With typical folds. Overall fine. Signature is crisp and clear. Hincks was wounded at Glendale and seriously wounded at...Read More »

Union General Joseph F. Knipe War Date ES


Joseph Farmer Knipe War date endorsement signed. Dated Sept. 13th, 1864 as Brig. Genl. of U.S Vols. In ink. Would be a nice item to frame. Overall fine. 

Joseph Farmer Knipe (March 30, 1823 – August 18, 1901) was a brigadier general in the Read More »

Union General George H. Gordon ALS


ALS in ink, 3pp. Dated March 28th, 1867. Overall very fine with a large bold signature at the end. 

...Read More »

Union General John A. Dix War Date ALS


Union General John Dix Autograph Letter Signed. Overall fine condition with normal folds. Nicely matted and framed with an original engraving to an overall size of 19.5 X 16. Some wear to frame. Beautiful display and ready for your wall. 

John Adams Dix...Read More »

Union General George Stoneman Clipped Signature with rank


George Stoneman clipped signature with rank along with an original CDV and engraving. Signature is a tad light but legible. Nicely matted and framed and presented to an overall size of 19.5 X 16.5. Slight wear to frame. A beautiful display and ready for...Read More »

General Darius Couch Cut signature


Union Brigadier General Darius Nash Couch cut signature. Nicely matted and framed with an original engraving. Overall size of the piece is 18.5 X 11. Some wear to frame. Beautiful display and ready for your wall.

Darius Nash...Read More »

Union General Henry Slocum War Date ES


Major General Henry Warner Slocum war date endorsement signed. Overall fine. Nicely matted and framed with an original CDV to an overall size of 15 X 10. Beautiful display and ready for your wall.

Union general who fought at Gettysburg and accompanied Sherman...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock ANS


Brigadier General Winfield Scott Hancock Autograph note signed, with an original engraving of the General. Staining in some areas, overall very good. Nicely framed and presented to an overall size of 19.5 X 14.5 and ready for your wall.

...Read More »

General Irvin McDowell clipped signature with rank


Major General Irvin McDowell clipped signature with rank. Nicely matted and framed with an original engraving and CDV. Overall size of the piece is 17 X 15. Some wear to frame. Beautiful display and ready for your wall. 

Union general (1818–1885) best remembered...Read More »

Union General Joseph Farmer Knipe War Date Signature


Brigadier General Joseph Farmer Knipe war time clipped signature with original CDV. Nicely matted and framed to an overall size of 14.5 X 10. Ready for your wall.

Joseph Farmer Knipe (March 30, 1823 – August 18, 1901) was a brigadier general in...Read More »

Union General John Pope War Date Clipped Signature


Union General John Pope war time clipped signature with CDV and engraving. Nicely framed and presented to an overall size of 18 X 15. Frame shows some light wear. Beautiful display and ready for your wall. 

...Read More »

Union General William B. Franklin ALS


General William Buel Franklin autograph letter signed. Nicely matted and framed with an engraving to an overall size of 18 X 15 and ready for your wall. Overall fine. 

...Read More »

General George G. Meade Cut Signature with CDV


Major General George Meade clipped signature with CDV.  Nicely framed to an overall size of 14 X 11. Ready for your wall. Signature is in fine condition.

...Read More »

Union General Winfield Scott Hancock War Date ANS


Winfield S. Hancock (1824-86), Major General, USA  & Presidential candidate (1880). Pennsylvania. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (WIA), Petersburg.

Autograph Note Signed (ANS) signed with rank as Maj. Genl. Comdg.

“I am not well acquainted with...Read More »

General David McMurtrie Gregg & Col. Charles H. Smith War-Date Signed


Civil War Union Brigadier General David McMurtrie Gregg & Colonel (Medal of Honor) Charles H. Smith War-Date Endorsements Signed. This item was professionally framed with a reproduction photograph of General Gregg to a size of 18.5″ x 13.5″. It is double...Read More »

Union General George B. McClellan Hand Addressed Cover and CDV


Written in McClellan’s hand, measuring 3 X 5”. Overall fine. With it is an original CDV with his wife, no backmark. Overall very good. These two items would look nice framed together.

Union general (1826–1885) hailed at the beginning...Read More »

Union General Nathaniel P. Banks ALS and CDV


Featured here is an Autograph Letter Signed by General Nathaniel P. Banks. Written from Boston on May 5th, 1880. One page, measuring 4.5 X 7”. The letter is in overall fine condition with scattered toning. Also included is a nice CDV...Read More »

Union General Oliver O. Howard Letter Signed


In ink: “Very Sincerely yours-O. O. Howard Major General U.S.A” Written on a Headquarters Division of The Atlantic letterhead on April 8th, 1890. Overall fine with irregular trimming to the bottom of the paper.

Oliver...Read More »

Union General Franz Sigel Signature


In ink, “F. Sigel late Maj. Gl. Of Vols. New York, June 28th ’74.” Slip measures 3.5 X 2.25”. Overall fine.

German military officer, revolutionist, and immigrant to the United States (1824–1902) who served as a Union...Read More »

Union General John A. Logan Card Signed


Ink Signature reads “John A. Logan Born in Jackson Co. Ills February 9.-1826”. Overall size is 4 X 2″. Overall very fine. A nice bold, crisp example, ready for framing.

American military officer and statesman (1826–1886) who fought in the...Read More »

Colonel George Dare War Date Signed Document



Here is a rare war date 1861 Civil War Document Signed by Lt. Colonel George Dare while he was a Major early in the war. The document is a Requisition for forage for one of Dare’s Private Horses for a month — 372...Read More »





Civil War General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick War Date LS

A remarkable and detailed glimpse into Kilpatrick’s first engagement with the rebels


Civil War–dated LS boldy signed “Respectfully submitted, J. Kilpatrick, Lt. Col. Commanding,” three pages on two...Read More »

Union Naval Commander Samuel Francis Du Pont War Date ALS



Civil War-dated ALS signed “S. F. Du Pont,” one page, 5.25 x 8, November 9, 1864. Letter to Admiral Porter, in part: “I believe Mr. Sawyer has already presented himself to you....Read More »

Union Major General James Birdseye McPherson War-Date Signed


Killed in Action Civil War Union Major General James Birdseye McPherson War-Date Signed. General McPherson was one of the more popular Generals to serve for the Union. His quick rise in rank was a testament to the trust commanders...Read More »

Admiral David D. Porter War-Date Autograph Letter Signed



Civil War-dated ALS, one page, lightly-lined, 8 x 10, October 24, 1863. Letter to the superintendent of the Eaglewood Military Academy, in part: “I enclose you a check for 48 61/100…for clothing…for my son Theodoric…I will send him...Read More »

General Joseph Hooker War Date AES


Major General Joseph Hooker War-date autograph endorsement signed as Major Genl. comdg., with original CDV and engraving. Overall fine. Nicely framed and presented to an overall size of 19.5 X 16.5 and ready for your wall. The frame itself has some minor...Read More »

President James Garfield ALS




Featured here is a nice Autograph Letter Signed, “Ja. Garfield,” one page, 7.25 x 8.75, on April 18, 1870. Letter to S. B. Harmer, in full: “Yours of the 16th is received. The address of Genl. James B. Steedman is Toledo, Ohio;...Read More »

20th Maine Commander Ellis Spear War Date Autograph Note Signed


Superb and exceedingly rare War dated battlefield note in pencil, 1 page, both sides. Written by Major Ellis Spear of the 20th Maine, scribbled during the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864. The note was written at Bethesda Church, but not during the...Read More »

Union General William S. Rosecrans Signature


In ink, “W. S. Rosecrans,” on a slip measuring 4 X 3”. Overall fine. Verso has some notations and a glued piece of paper that has no affect on signature. Nice item for framing.

William Starke Rosecrans (September 6, 1819 –...Read More »

General George Stoneman Card Signed with Rank


Featured here is a nice card signed by George Stoneman signed “Maj. General U.S.A.” Card measures 4 X 2.5″. Ink is bold and crisp. Overall very fine. Photo not included. 

George Stoneman, Jr. (August 8, 1822 – September 5, 1894)...Read More »

General Adelbert Ames Signed Cabinet Card


Here is a beautiful signed Cabinet Card of General Adelbert Ames, former commander of the 20th Maine and Medal of Honor Recipient. He signs boldy with all ranks. Studio is Marion out of Lowell, MA....Read More »

Civil War General and Indian Fighter Alfred H. Terry Autograph Letter Signed

Alfred Terry 1


Featured is a very scarce ALS written by Alfred H. Terry, four pages on two adjoining sheets, 4.25 x 8, March 12, 1871. Letter to General Thomas H. Ruger, in part: “I was sorry to be...Read More »

General George Meade War-Date Autograph Letter Signed

2 meade


Featured here is a superb war-date ALS signed by General George G. Meade, dated January 8th, 1864, on his Headquarters Army Of The Potomac stationary. Measuring 5″ X 7″ it is one page in dark ink thanking B. F. Wilson...Read More »

General John Sedgwick Autograph Endorsement Signed  

1 sedgwick


Featured here is a beautifully framed war time autograph endorsement signed by General John Sedgwick. In bold letters he writes: “Approved John Sedgwick Maj. General” Overall size is 11.5 X 15. Archivally framed and ready for the wall. 


Civil War-dated ALS, one page both sides, 5 x 8, April 13, 1863. Letter to Franklin Philip, in full: “I have just received & paid my respects to one bottle of the box of splendid punch you...Read More »

General Don Carlos Buell Card Signed



Beautiful card signed “D.C. Buell” with date. Affixed to a slightly larger card. Overall very fine with bold, crisp ink. Overall measurement of card is 4” x 2 ½” . Superb.

American military officer (1818–1898) who served in the...Read More »

Union General George B. McClellan Autograph Letter Signed


George B. McClellan Autograph Letter signed, one page, 5 X 8 dated April 20th, 1871. Overall fine with intersecting folds. Nice clear and bold ink. Would be a great item for framing. 

Union general (1826–1885) hailed at the beginning of...Read More »

General Dan Sickles Card Signed with Rank


Featured here is a boldly card signed by Dan Sickles. It reads: “Major General U. S. Army Ret’d, New York November 26th 1909.” Card measures 3.75 X 2.25″. Included is a nice black and white 8 X 10...Read More »

Union 1st Lieutenant James Byrne Carte de Visite Signed

1 byrne


Here is a wonderful CDV beautifully written: “Respectfully / Yours &c Byrne.” Measuring 2.5″ x 4″ it features a waist-up view of the young Union officer.  The reverse bears the photographer’s imprint-E. E. Henry of Leavenworth, Kansas. Overall very clean with...Read More »

Capt. Charles W. Lowell, 80th USCT Infantry Signed CDV


Sitting view in Uniform of Capt. Charles W. Lowell, Co. B, 80th USCT Infantry Signed CDV. Carte signed in ink on verso with rank. Trimmed upper corners.

...Read More »

General Montgomery C. Meigs Card Signed


Boldly signed in ink, measuring 4.5 X 2.5”. “M. C. Meigs, Qur Ma Genl, USA Retd Bvt Major General”. Overall very fine.

Career U.S. Army officer, civil engineer, construction engineer for a number of facilities in...Read More »

Union General George G. Meade ALS


Autograph Letter Signed, “Geo. G. Meade, Maj. Genl. U.S.A.,” one page both sides, 5 x 8, Headquarters, Department of the East letterhead, October 31, 1867. Letter to Assistant Secretary of the Treasury J. F. Hartley....Read More »



Featured is a beautifully framed original Eagle Discharge signed by Brevet Major Thomas D. Chamberlain, brother of Joshua L. Chamberlain written for a soldier from the 198th PA Infantry, 1st Sergeant Henry M. Clayton. This...Read More »

Civil War General John Pope War Date ALS

john pope als


War-dated ALS signed “Jno. Pope,” one page, 8” x 7.5”, embossed Head-Quarters, Department of the Northwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin letterhead, January 12, 1864. Pope writes to General Hamilton from his sick bed in Milwaukee. In a letter to General S. Hamilton, Pope...Read More »

General Ambrose Burnside War-Date Autograph Letter Signed

1 bursndie


Here is a nice Civil War-dated ALS signed “A. E. Burnside,” one page, 4.75 x 7.5, dated August 17, 1864. Letter to General Patrick, in part: “Thank you for your photograph—it is excellent—Please accept enclosed.” Scattered soiling,...Read More »

Union General Julius H. Stahel CDV and Note Signed

1 stahl


This is a fantastic piece of history from a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. The Brady CDV (2.5″ x 4″) features the Hungarian-born general in uniform with sword. The reverse bears the imprint of publisher E. & H....Read More »

General Ulysses S. Grant War Date Endorsement


Self-contained war-dated endorsement, signed “U. S. Grant,” one page, 3.25 x 6.25, dated September 14, 1864. Written in another hand, Grant recommends New York Governor Horatio Seymour approve a general’s request, in full: “Respectfully forwarded...Read More »

Union General William T. Sherman War Date Document Signed


Here is a nice War–dated manuscript DS, signed “W. T. Sherman, Maj. Genl,” one page, 15.5 x 9.75, May 1862. Featuring a document headed “Roll of a private on extra duty as Teamster at...Read More »

Civil War General William T. Sherman ALS

1 sherman


Here is an autograph letter signed (ALS) measuring10” x 8” 1 page, both sides written by Civil War General William T. Sherman. Addressed to L.P. Lackey or Lachey on November 25, 1872 of Massachusetts. Written on Headquarters of the Army of...Read More »

General Hiram Berdan ALS


ALS signed “H. Berdan,” one page, 5 x 8.25, November 3, 1867. Letter to a general, in part: “I have had a full talk with Mr. Rumwich & he desires…you to send him the Allin Patent, also the...Read More »

20th Maine Lt. Col. Walter G. Morrill War Date ALS *MOH*


Featured here is a wonderful Autograph Letter Signed, written by Medal of Honor winner and 20th Maine commander Walter G. Morrill. Signed at the bottom as “Lieut Col Comdg 20th Maine Vols.” Morrill was a...Read More »

General Henry W. Slocum ALS


Henry W. Slocum Autograph Letter Signed, one page, 5 X 7″. Signed “H. W. Slocum.” Dated Jan. 27th ’94. Overall fine. Accompanied by an engraved portrait of Slocum. Would look great framed together.


Featured here is a very nice cut autograph of 20th Maine hero Ellis Spear. Ink signature, “Ellis Spear,” on an off-white 4.25 x .5 slip clipped from a document. In very fine condition. He was Union general (1834–1917) who participated in...Read More »

Union General William T. Sherman Signature


He writes: “William T. Sherman, General. New York. October 20th, 1886” The Sherman signature is beautifully matted and framed to an overall size of 20 x 17. In overall fine condition. 


President U.S. Grant Twice Signed Bank Check

grant check 1


Here is a double signed bank check as president, 8 x 3, filled out and signed by Grant, “U. S. Grant,” payable to “Self” for $150, July 17, 1873, also endorsed on the reverse by Grant. All but...Read More »

General Phil Sheridan ALS



Here is a superb Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 1p. 5” x 8.5”. Addressed to a Mrs. Wilson, Sheridan pens to his friend in part: “I can come for the game this evening. If it is convenient to you.” Beautifully written in a...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Cut Signature


A cut signature, measuring 3.25″ x 2″, of General Winfield “Old Fuss and Feathers” Scott, reading “Winfield Scott/U.S. Army/1865.” Overall fine with scattered toning.





Here is a superb Civil War–dated ALS signed “U. S. Grant, Maj. Gen.,” one page, 5 x 8, February 27, 1863. Letter to General James B. McPherson. In full: “Come down here...Read More »

Major General George G. Meade Hand Written Battlefield Orders!



Civil War Union General George G. Meade Battle of Totopotomoy Creek Hand Written Battlefield Orders. Two-page letter (one leaf, 3.5″ x 6.5″), dated on May 30th, 1864. These orders are written in
pencil and entirely in Meade’s hand....Read More »

Civil War Colonel J.C. Smith, 96th Illinois signed CDV



Here is a wonderfully crisp CDV portrait of John Corson Smith, autographed below Truly Yours/ J.C. Smith/ Bvt. Col. 96th Ills., verso with inked Illinois address, which also appears to be written in Smith’s hand. Backmark shows I.H. Bonsall, 14th...Read More »

General Andrew A. Humphreys War-date ALS

1 humph


Here is a nice war-date document written and signed in the hand of Meade’s Chief of Staff, Andrew A. Humphreys. He wrote this note requesting cavalry in September 1863. It’s all in his hand and in pencil. Overall fine condition. This...Read More »

General George H. Thomas Autograph Letter Signed


ALS, 3pp, 5 x 8 in., “Washington, D.C.” Nov. 15, 1868. Addressed to Col. R.H. Ramsey of Pottsville, PA, the letter references a possible meeting in Philadelphia and property. Accompanied by an...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock Letter Signed


 2 1/2 pp. 8 vo. LS, dated December 15, 1880 on Headquarters Military Division of the Atlantic stationary regarding a leave of absence for a hospital steward. Overall very good with repaired vertical folds and...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock Autograph Letter Signed


Dated September 6, 1889, 1.5 pp. 8vo. This is a letter written from Governors Island, New York responding to a social invitation for he and his wife. In part: “…..Mrs. Hancock and I will be glad...Read More »

Boston Corbet War Date Signature



Boston Corbett was a Union soldier (1832–1894) who shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Rare and exceptionally bold ink signature, “Boston Corbett, Sergt Co. K. 16th N. Y. Cavalry,” on an off-white 5 x 2 slip. Handsomely mounted, double-matted,...Read More »

James A. Garfield Autograph



Featured here is a beautiful, bold, large clipped signature, “J. A. Garfield / Maj. General“. Excellent condition. Perfect for framing with a nice photo of the General/President. Overall size is 10 X 14 and includes a beautiful high quality hand tinted reproduction photo of the General. All...Read More »

Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Pardon Signed Document

1 grant


Here is a beautiful partly-printed DS as president, one page, 7.75 x 9.75, November 19, 1874. President Grant authorizes and directs “the Secretary of State to affix the Seal of the United States to a Warrant for the pardon of J. M. Cooper.” Nicely...Read More »

Civil War General Winfield Scott Hancock War-Date Autograph

1 hancock


Featured here is a beautiful and bold War-dated ink signature, “Very Respectfully Yrs, Winf’d S. Hancock, Brig Gen’l, May 4, 1863,” on an off-white 3.25 x 1 slip clipped from a letter. Expertly matted and framed with a portrait to an overall size of 14...Read More »

Winfield Scott Hancock War-Date Autograph with Kunstler Print

1 hancock


This is an absolutely incredible piece that would look amazing on the wall, displayed prominently. Featured is a war-date Autograph by General Winfield Scott Hancock and a beautiful limited edition print titled “Hancock The Superb” by the great Mort Kunstler.

The...Read More »

General William T. Sherman Autograph with Sentiment

Sherman 1



Signature with rank and sentiment completely in the hand of General William T. Sherman. Overall size of piece measures 14.5 x 10, in ink, “Your Friend, W.T. Sherman, General”. Light wear. A certificate of authenticity will accompany this piece from...Read More »

General Joshua Chamberlain Check Signed

1 chamberlain


Featured here is a wonderful signed bank check measuring 6.25″ x 2.75″ on dark blue paper, drawing $50 from J. B. Brown & Sons Bank of Portland, Maine written by 20th Maine commander Joshua Chamberlain. The noted Union officer writes this check to John A....Read More »

Signed CDV of Lt. Col. Casper W. Tyler, 141st Pennsylvania, WIA at Gettysburg



Featured here is a wonderful and rare signed CDV of Lt. Col. Casper W. Tyler of the 141st Pennsylvania, WIA at Gettysburg. He was severely wounded during the bitter fighting in the wheatfield. CDV signed on recto by Tyler. Backmark of I.B. Hazleton, Montrose, PA. There is some minor...Read More »

Union General David B. Birney Clip Autograph & CDV



Offered here is a beautiful signature of Union General David B. Birney. This clipped signature with rank is mounted to a partial autograph album page and measures approximately 5 ½ x 1 ½. If you look at the last photograph I have attached, you can read about...Read More »

Union General John F. Reynolds Endorsement Signed

1 reynolds


Union Major General John F. Reynolds & Brigadier General Seth Williams Endorsements Signed. Placed on a back panel of a larger document, approximately 3.8″ x 8.1″ in size. All in General Reynolds hand, he writes his endorsement, “Hdqrs 1st Army Corps / Oct. 11th 1862 /...Read More »

General Gouverneur K. Warren War-date document signed

1 warren



This is a rare and wonderful War-Date endorsement by Gouverneur K. Warren (1830-82), Maj. General, USA (NY). He played a role in the following major battles: Big Bethel, Peninsula campaign (WIA). 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg (“Savior of Little Round Top”), VA Overland campaign...Read More »

Captain Thomas D. Chamberlain War-Date Autograph with Rank, Date and Place

1 thomas d


Featured is the earliest war-date autograph by Thomas D. Chamberlain and the only one signed as Captain that I have ever seen. 1 page, both sides, dated January 5th, 1865, near Petersburg, VA, Thomas D. Chamberlain signs off on a list of...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Autographed Letter Signed

1 chamberlain


Featured is a beautiful full page Post-Script letter written in the hand of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Signed “J. L. C.,” 5 x 8, Office of the Surveyor of Customs, Port of Portland ME letterhead, originally written on October 30, 1900. 1 Page, In very...Read More »

General Henry W. Slocum Autograph with Rank

1 slocum


Featured is a nice original autograph with rank as Major General written by Henry Slocum. This has been beautifully matted and framed with a color portrait of the General and is ready for your wall. Overall size of framed piece is 18 X 14 and is...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain signed Document

1 jlc



Featured is a fantastic document signed by General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, framed with a high quality 5 X 7 hand tinted reproduction photo. The document is from 8 July 1876, itemizing charges for a student at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where Chamberlain...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain hand-addressed Envelope

1 jlc


This is a wonderful hand-addressed Hotel Grand Continental, Cairo, envelope incorporating his full signature, 6 x 4.5, addressed to “Mrs. Joshua L. Chamberlain, 226 Maine St., Brunswick, Maine, Etats Unis.” In fine condition, with some scattered light soiling. Accompanied by a...Read More »

Civil War General Dan Sickles Autograph

1 sickles


Featured here is a nice autograph with date written by General Dan Sickles. All comes beautifully matted and framed and is ready for the wall. Overall size of the framed piece is 19 X 14.5. Autograph is in fine condition with some light soiling.

...Read More »

General Joshua L. Chamberlain Autographed Letter Signed

Chamberlain letter 1


Featured is an amazing 6 page letter written by the famed 20th Maine Commander,  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. In all my years of collecting, I have not seen as nice or complete an example as this by Chamberlain. This ALS is signed “Lawrence,” includes six pages on...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Letter Signed



This is a wonderful ALS signed “J. L. C.,” one page both sides, 5 x 7.75, no date, but postmarked May 3, 1891. Letter to his wife written from New York. In part: “Do not think I am ‘keeping tally’ with...Read More »

Civil War General Joshua L. Chamberlain Ink Signature with Kunstler Print

1 chamberlain



This piece is a wonderful tribute to the 20th Maine Regiment and the man who commanded it, Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Featured in this one of a kind piece is an original clip ink signature “Joshua L. Chamberlain Bvt. Major General. USA” on an off...Read More »

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Signed Bank Check


This is truly an incredible piece of history! This is an ORIGINAL 1876 First National Bank of Brunswick Check signed by Former Civil War Union General Joshua Chamberlain. “For his gallantry at Gettysburg, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was given the...Read More »

William T.Sherman Signed Cabinet Card

1 sherman


Featured is a large and absolutely spectacular 4.25″ x 6.5″ cabinet photo of Sherman in uniform as the four-star commanding General of the Army, by Brady National Portrait Galleries, with a bold and crisp signature in the lower border in black ink, “W. T. Sherman, General.” Printed text...Read More »

Ulysses S. Grant Signed Cabinet Card

1 grant


Here is an absolutely beautiful framed cabinet card signed by President Ulysses S. Grant, taken in Rome where he traveled after serving two terms as President. Grant signs his name to the bottom of the card, which features a sepia toned photograph...Read More »


1 douglas


Featured here is a fantastic Manuscript DS, signed “Fred’k Douglass,” one page, 3 x 7.75, dated December 18, 1885. This is a docketing panel of an official bill of sale for a land transaction between Jesse D. B. Peters and W. S....Read More »

General Fitz John Porter Autograph Letter Signed

1 porter


Featured is a great autographed letter signed by General Fitz John Porter. With it is a reproduction photo of the General, all beautifully matted and framed and ready for your wall.

Porter, a distinguished military strategist, fought for...Read More »


2 reynolds



This is an incredible, one of a kind piece that can only be offered here. This piece features a war-dated handwritten note and full signature clip AES of General John. F. Reynolds, signed as General commanding the Vols. General Reynolds...Read More »

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