General Fitz Lee War Date Cut Signature


Fitz Lee cut signature on a piece of paper measuring 4 X 2. In ink, “Fitz Lee.” Directly below in another hand is written: “Major General Commanding.” Overall very fine. Perfect for framing.


Fitzhugh Lee (November 19, 1835...Read More »

Civil War Union General Edmund Schriver ALS


Autograph letter signed, 1 page, both sides in ink. Schriver signs on verso “E. Schriver”. The letter is dated September 26th but no year. The letter has folds, some soiling and toning and ink bleeding. Overall very good. A side of the...Read More »

Confederate General Robert E. Lee War Date Clip Signature


Large War date clip signature, Richmond, (VA), 5 Sept.’ 64. Very fine. Measures 2.5 X 3.75. Perfect item for framing. 

Robert E. Lee (1807-70), General, CSA. Legendary ANV Commander.

...Read More »

Confederate General John D. Imboden DS


General John D. Imboden Document signed. “J. D. Imboden”. No date. Overall very good. Although the signature is untouched and in fine condition, there is a small hole above the first witness who signed and directly under the words “For value Received “at the top...Read More »

General Darius Couch Cut signature


Union Brigadier General Darius Nash Couch cut signature. Nicely matted and framed with an original engraving. Overall size of the piece is 18.5 X 11. Some wear to frame. Beautiful display and ready for your wall.

Darius Nash...Read More »

Union General Henry Slocum War Date ES


Major General Henry Warner Slocum war date endorsement signed. Overall fine. Nicely matted and framed with an original CDV to an overall size of 15 X 10. Beautiful display and ready for your wall.

Union general who fought at Gettysburg and accompanied Sherman...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock ANS


Brigadier General Winfield Scott Hancock Autograph note signed, with an original engraving of the General. Staining in some areas, overall very good. Nicely framed and presented to an overall size of 19.5 X 14.5 and ready for your wall.

...Read More »

General George G. Meade Cut Signature with CDV


Major General George Meade clipped signature with CDV.  Nicely framed to an overall size of 14 X 11. Ready for your wall. Signature is in fine condition.

...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee Document Signed


General Robert E. Lee document signed. Louisville: 25 April 1855. Document signed “R.E. Lee” as Lt. Colonel of the 2nd Cavalry, the text also in Lee’s hand acknowledging receipt of a circular. 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches (11.5 x 9 cm);...Read More »

Union General Winfield Scott Hancock War Date ANS


Winfield S. Hancock (1824-86), Major General, USA  & Presidential candidate (1880). Pennsylvania. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (WIA), Petersburg.

Autograph Note Signed (ANS) signed with rank as Maj. Genl. Comdg.

“I am not well acquainted with...Read More »

Confederate General Jubal A. Early War Time Clip Autograph


Jubal A. Early (1816-94), Lt. General, CSA (VA). Wartime clip as Maj. Genl. from verso letter. Overall very fine. A nice example and highly suitable for framing. 

Jubal Anderson Early (November 3, 1816 –...Read More »

General Wade Hampton War Date Autograph Clip


Featured here is a nice war time clip autograph as Maj. Genl. (9/3/63-2/14/65). Very fine and highly suitable for framing. Wade Hampton III (March 28, 1818 – April 11, 1902) was a Confederate cavalry leader during the American Civil...Read More »

Union General Oliver O. Howard Letter Signed


In ink: “Very Sincerely yours-O. O. Howard Major General U.S.A” Written on a Headquarters Division of The Atlantic letterhead on April 8th, 1890. Overall fine with irregular trimming to the bottom of the paper.

Oliver...Read More »

Confederate Colonel E. P. Jones War Date ADS-2nd SC Infantry


ADS, signed “E. P. Jones,” one page both sides, 7.75 x 12, February 2, 1863. A pass written by Colonel E. P. Jones of the 2nd South Carolina Infantry. In part: “Mr. Tench Coxe and Mr. Franklin Coxe...Read More »

Manuscript Document Signed James Armstrong SC Irish Vols.


A partial self-contained manuscript DS related to finances, March 11, 1876, signed by James Armstrong of the South Carolina Company K ‘Irish Volunteers,’ remembered for his actions at Gettysburg where he seized the battle flag of...Read More »

Confederate General William H. Forney Signature



In ink, “Will H. Forney, Alabama”. Crisp and bold. Overall very fine. On the verso are the autographs of two Kansas politicians, Stephen A. Cobb and John R. Goodwin. Slip of paper measures 6” x 3”. Nice item for framing. 

Read More »




General Robert E. Lee Framed Signature with CDV


Crisp ink signature, “R. E. Lee,” on an off-white 2.5 x .75 lightly-lined slip affixed to a slightly larger card. Nicely mounted, matted, and framed with a carte-de-visite of Lee to an overall size of 10.25...Read More »

General William Barksdale Cut Signature


Clip autograph, dated 1/6/58 as U.S. Member of Congress. Very fine. Rare. 

William Barksdale (1821-63), Brig. General, CSA (TN/MS). 1st Manassas, Peninsula campaign, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg (MWIA).




Read More »

20th Maine Commander Ellis Spear War Date Autograph Note Signed


Superb and exceedingly rare War dated battlefield note in pencil, 1 page, both sides. Written by Major Ellis Spear of the 20th Maine, scribbled during the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864. The note was written at Bethesda Church, but not during the...Read More »

Confederate General Fitzhugh Lee CDV & War-Date Endorsement Signed


Civil War Confederate Major General Fitzhugh Lee CDV & War-Date Endorsement Signed. Fitz Lee was one of the most popular Confederate Generals during the war. His post-war signed items are quite plentiful, with him usually signing those items “Fitzhugh...Read More »

General George Meade War-Date Autograph Letter Signed

2 meade


Featured here is a superb war-date ALS signed by General George G. Meade, dated January 8th, 1864, on his Headquarters Army Of The Potomac stationary. Measuring 5″ X 7″ it is one page in dark ink thanking B. F. Wilson...Read More »

Confederate Generals Bryan Grimes and John B. Gordon War Date DS, 6th Alabama.


Very rare and desirable Confederate document form. Document Signed (DS), 2 pages, 8 X 10, Army of the Confederate States, Certificate of Disability for...Read More »

General Don Carlos Buell Card Signed



Beautiful card signed “D.C. Buell” with date. Affixed to a slightly larger card. Overall very fine with bold, crisp ink. Overall measurement of card is 4” x 2 ½” . Superb.

American military officer (1818–1898) who served in the...Read More »

General Dan Sickles Card Signed with Rank


Featured here is a boldly card signed by Dan Sickles. It reads: “Major General U. S. Army Ret’d, New York November 26th 1909.” Card measures 3.75 X 2.25″. Included is a nice black and white 8 X 10...Read More »

Confederate General Wade Hampton Cut Signature



Ink signature on a small slip measuring 2” x 4”. “Wade Hampton, So. Ca.” Overall very fine. A beautiful and crisp signature. 

Confederate military officer and politician (1818–1902) who replaced J. E. B. Stuart as Lee’s Chief of Cavalry...Read More »

Union General George G. Meade ALS


Autograph Letter Signed, “Geo. G. Meade, Maj. Genl. U.S.A.,” one page both sides, 5 x 8, Headquarters, Department of the East letterhead, October 31, 1867. Letter to Assistant Secretary of the Treasury J. F. Hartley....Read More »



Featured is a beautifully framed original Eagle Discharge signed by Brevet Major Thomas D. Chamberlain, brother of Joshua L. Chamberlain written for a soldier from the 198th PA Infantry, 1st Sergeant Henry M. Clayton. This...Read More »

Confederate General James Longstreet War Date ALS


Here is a superb early-war dated Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 1 page, 8vo., Taylor’s (Manassas,VA area), 12/6/61 with notation by Genl. G.T. Beauregard and signed with his initials at the...Read More »

General Hiram Berdan ALS


ALS signed “H. Berdan,” one page, 5 x 8.25, November 3, 1867. Letter to a general, in part: “I have had a full talk with Mr. Rumwich & he desires…you to send him the Allin Patent, also the...Read More »

General George G. Meade CDV


CDV of General George G. Meade, (1815-1872), by Brady/Anthony. Nice image, overall fine. 







...Read More »

20th Maine Lt. Col. Walter G. Morrill War Date ALS *MOH*


Featured here is a wonderful Autograph Letter Signed, written by Medal of Honor winner and 20th Maine commander Walter G. Morrill. Signed at the bottom as “Lieut Col Comdg 20th Maine Vols.” Morrill was a...Read More »

General Henry W. Slocum ALS


Henry W. Slocum Autograph Letter Signed, one page, 5 X 7″. Signed “H. W. Slocum.” Dated Jan. 27th ’94. Overall fine. Accompanied by an engraved portrait of Slocum. Would look great framed together.


Featured here is a very nice cut autograph of 20th Maine hero Ellis Spear. Ink signature, “Ellis Spear,” on an off-white 4.25 x .5 slip clipped from a document. In very fine condition. He was Union general (1834–1917) who participated in...Read More »

General Albert Pike War Date Autograph Endorsement Signed



Clipped Autograph Endorsement Signed “Albert Pike”. In fine condition with typical wear and toning. Overall size of clip measures 5” x 1 ¼”. Rare. 



Read More »

Civil War Battle of Gettysburg ALS


A letter in pencil, 4 pages on two sheets, 4 3/4 X 7.5″, Wheatland, July 4, 1863, in part: “We got here safely without being mistaken by the Rebels though...Read More »

Civil War Stereo View “Breast Works on left wing”-Gettysburg



Featured here is a nice stereo-view  published by E. & H.T. Anthony from negatives by Brady & Co., titled on the verso label, No. 2387 – Breast Works on left wing....Read More »

General Fitzhugh Lee Card Signed

fitz lee photo


Featured here is an impeccable card signed by famed CSA Cavalry commander Fitzhugh Lee, nephew of Robert E. Lee. Signed as U.S. Consul General, Havana, Cuba. In extremely fine condition. Perfect for framing with a nice photo of the...Read More »

Confederate General William Mahone Cut Signature



Large, bold ink signature with Year and State (1882/Virginia). Clip measures  3 ½ x 1 ¾ . Very fine. Beautiful signature and ideal for framing. Photo not included.

Confederate major general (1826–1895) who distinguished himself during...Read More »

Confederate General Jubal Early Autograph Letter Signed



Here is a nice ALS signed “J. A. Early,” one page, 5.75 x 9, December 5, 1889. Letter to a gentleman. In part: “Your letter, addressed to me at New Orleans and containing some printed cards, has been forwarded to...Read More »

Confederate General A.P. Hill War Date Endorsement Signed


Featured here is a bold A. P. Hill Signed Endorsement on verso of a letter from a soldier addressed to Colonel Taylor requesting a leave of absence to care for his family. Single sheet,...Read More »

Sixth Plate Tintype Abial E. Leonard-20th Maine


Featured here is a sixth plate tintype of Abial E. Leonard, Company B, 20th Maine. This tintype is housed in mat only with corners bent back to hold the image. There are a few bends, digs and emulsion...Read More »

Major General George G. Meade Hand Written Battlefield Orders!



Civil War Union General George G. Meade Battle of Totopotomoy Creek Hand Written Battlefield Orders. Two-page letter (one leaf, 3.5″ x 6.5″), dated on May 30th, 1864. These orders are written in
pencil and entirely in Meade’s hand....Read More »

General Andrew A. Humphreys War-date ALS

1 humph


Here is a nice war-date document written and signed in the hand of Meade’s Chief of Staff, Andrew A. Humphreys. He wrote this note requesting cavalry in September 1863. It’s all in his hand and in pencil. Overall fine condition. This...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock Letter Signed


 2 1/2 pp. 8 vo. LS, dated December 15, 1880 on Headquarters Military Division of the Atlantic stationary regarding a leave of absence for a hospital steward. Overall very good with repaired vertical folds and...Read More »

General Winfield Scott Hancock Autograph Letter Signed


Dated September 6, 1889, 1.5 pp. 8vo. This is a letter written from Governors Island, New York responding to a social invitation for he and his wife. In part: “…..Mrs. Hancock and I will be glad...Read More »

Confederate General Ambrose P. Hill War-Date Autograph


The sought-after Confederate commander just months before his death on the battlefield


Offered here is a wonderful and rare Civil War–dated endorsement signature, “A. P. Hill, Lieut. Genl” dated at the Headquarters 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, December 20, 1864, on the docketing panel of...Read More »

Civil War General Winfield Scott Hancock War-Date Autograph

1 hancock


Featured here is a beautiful and bold War-dated ink signature, “Very Respectfully Yrs, Winf’d S. Hancock, Brig Gen’l, May 4, 1863,” on an off-white 3.25 x 1 slip clipped from a letter. Expertly matted and framed with a portrait to an overall size of 14...Read More »

Winfield Scott Hancock War-Date Autograph with Kunstler Print

1 hancock


This is an absolutely incredible piece that would look amazing on the wall, displayed prominently. Featured is a war-date Autograph by General Winfield Scott Hancock and a beautiful limited edition print titled “Hancock The Superb” by the great Mort Kunstler.

The...Read More »

20th Maine Henry Sidelinger Letter

3 sidelinger


This is an original handwritten letter by Henry F. Sidelinger of the famed 20th Maine Regiment who fought on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. He is writing to his dad about his promotion to Captain in K Company of the 20th, dated...Read More »

General Fitzhugh Lee Card Signed



Superb card signed, in a crisp and bold hand: “Fitzhugh Lee, Major General C.S.A, Comdg. Cavalry Corps, Army of Northern Virginia”. Overall card measures 2 ¼ X 3 ½. Overall very fine, a beautiful example. Perfect for framing. 

American soldier and politician...Read More »

Confederate General Eppa Hunton War Time Card Signed



An absolutely beautiful war time signature of General Eppa Hunton. In very fine condition; a crisp and bold autograph ready for framing. Very fine. Card measures 3 ¾” X 2 ½” .

...Read More »

Confederate General John B. Gordon Signature

gordon 1



This is a card signature of Confederate General John B. Gordon with State. 3 x 1 1/2, in ink, J.B. Gordon, Georgia. Very fine. The picture is a full color print of a hand oil tinted photograph.This comes beautifully and professionally custom framed, air tight,...Read More »

Confederate General Edward P. Alexander Card Signed



Here is a rare card signed by General Edward P. Alexander. Signed with a bold and crisp hand. Signed “E. P. Alexander, Brig. General Comdg. C.S.A” Overall size of the card is 4 ¼ X 2 3/4. Although this is signed Brig. General Comdg, this is...Read More »

CSA General J. E. B. Stuart ANS

Jeb Stuart ANS


Here is a beautiful Autograph Note Signed by J.E.B Stuart, CSA Cavalry commander, just prior to the start of the War. Signed “J.E.B. Stuart”. Dated December 5th, 1860 all in his hand. He writes with a bold and crisp hand. In very fine condition. Perfect for...Read More »

General Joshua Chamberlain Check Signed

1 chamberlain


Featured here is a wonderful signed bank check measuring 6.25″ x 2.75″ on dark blue paper, drawing $50 from J. B. Brown & Sons Bank of Portland, Maine written by 20th Maine commander Joshua Chamberlain. The noted Union officer writes this check to John A....Read More »

General James Longstreet Card Signed with Sentiment



Card signed in ink with large handwriting “Yours Truly, James Longstreet”. Signed in a nice crisp and bold hand. Card measures  2.5  X 4 1/4  . Overall very fine condition. Beautiful autograph worthy of a nice frame. Photo not included.

...Read More »

CSA General George E. Pickett Card Signed with Rank

George Pickett Autograph


Card Signed in ink “G. E. Pickett, Maj. Genl, C.S.A”. Card measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″. Overall very fine condition with glue and staining along the outer edges that does not affect the handwriting. Very rare and sought after autograph and very crisp....Read More »

General John B. Gordon Clipped Signature



Large cut in ink “J. B. Gordon, Georgia”. Scattered toning and soiling throughout, overall very good. Overall size of slip measures 3 ¾ x 2 ¼ .

Confederate general (1832–1904) who surrendered Lee’s army to Union General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain at Appomattox Courthouse. After the war, he...Read More »

General John Bell Hood Signature with Sentiment



Boldy signed by the General: “Yours Truly, J.B. Hood”. In very fine condition with minor toning. A great piece to frame up with a nice photo. A beautiful and crisp example. Photo not included.

Confederate general (1831–1879) known for his recklessness who commanded forces at important battles...Read More »

Confederate General Richard S. Ewell War Time Clipped Signature



Small war time signature “R.S. Ewell” signed below in another hand, “Lt. Genl.”. Overall fine. Clip measures 2 ¼ X 1. Suitable for framing. Rare and desirable. Photo not included.

Confederate general (1817-1872). He achieved fame as a senior commander under Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee...Read More »

Civil War CSA General Jubal Early Autograph

Jubal Early War Date Autograph


Featured here is a crisp card signed in ink. He writes: “J.A. Early, Lieut. General CSA”. Also signed in the lower left “Lynchburg Virginia”. Written in a nice bold hand. Overall very fine condition with some minor toning that does not come near the autograph. Perfect for...Read More »

Signed CDV of Lt. Col. Casper W. Tyler, 141st Pennsylvania, WIA at Gettysburg



Featured here is a wonderful and rare signed CDV of Lt. Col. Casper W. Tyler of the 141st Pennsylvania, WIA at Gettysburg. He was severely wounded during the bitter fighting in the wheatfield. CDV signed on recto by Tyler. Backmark of I.B. Hazleton, Montrose, PA. There is some minor...Read More »

Civil War Stereo View Rebel Dead at Gettysburg



 A view titled “Dead At Gettysburg” Of course we now know through the efforts of William Frassanito that these are not Union Dead, they are Confederate dead in the area of Rose Farm. This was taken originally by Alexander Gardner and published by Taylor and Huntington in...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee Autograph with George W.C. Lee ALS



Robert E. Lee clipped signature affixed to 1 page letter, 5” x 8” , dated August 27, 1903, written and signed by Lee’s son, George W.C. Lee. George Lee apologizes to the letter’s recipient that he “has nothing better” to offer them than a clipped signature of his...Read More »

Union General David B. Birney Clip Autograph & CDV



Offered here is a beautiful signature of Union General David B. Birney. This clipped signature with rank is mounted to a partial autograph album page and measures approximately 5 ½ x 1 ½. If you look at the last photograph I have attached, you can read about...Read More »

CDV of General Abram Duryee of “Duryee’s Zouaves”



Featured here is a nice ¾ standing pose of Brig. General Abram Duryee, Col. Of the 5th New York and the famous “Duryee’s Zouaves”. He was wounded no less than 5 times during the Civil War. Published by Anthony from a Brady Negative. Condition is as seen...Read More »

General George G. Meade CDV

1 meade


Offered here is a beautiful CDV of Brig. General George G. Meade. This is the only known pose of Meade as a Brigadier General and the CDV is almost flawless. The back reads J.E. McClees of Philadelphia. This is a very rare CDV and a nice one for...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee War-Date Autograph with Sentiment and Rank


Featured is a beautiful, large war-date clip autograph with sentiment and HQ imprint written in the hand of Robert E. Lee. I have seen many Lee autographs, but have never seen one where he signed Genl. Comdg. as this one is, nor has the...Read More »


1 stewart


Featured here is a very rare and desirable signature of James Ewell Brown. While serving as the 1st Cavalry Regiment’s quartermaster, the legendary Confederate cavalry general has written, “Fort Leavenworth / Mar 22d 1857. / J. E. B. Stuart. / 1st Lt. 1st Cav.“ Overall size is 3.5″...Read More »

Union General John F. Reynolds Endorsement Signed

1 reynolds


Union Major General John F. Reynolds & Brigadier General Seth Williams Endorsements Signed. Placed on a back panel of a larger document, approximately 3.8″ x 8.1″ in size. All in General Reynolds hand, he writes his endorsement, “Hdqrs 1st Army Corps / Oct. 11th 1862 /...Read More »

General James Longstreet ALS with Anthony CDV

1 longstreet


Featured is a beautifully framed ALS written by Confederate General James Longstreet and a wonderful CDV photo by Anthony. The letter is written in very bold pencil from New Orleans, LA on February 26th, 1868. 1 page, Longstreet acknowledges a request for the autograph of...Read More »

General John Buford CDV

1 buford


Featured here is a scarce wet plate, albumen 2.5 x 4 carte-de-visite photo of Union General John Buford. This piece has superb quality and shows the General in a half-view in uniform with rank of brigadier general. Backmark: E. & H.T. Anthony, New York, made from a...Read More »

Confederate General J. Johnston Pettigrew War-date addressed Envelope

1 pettigrew


Featured is an original war-date addressed envelope written completely in the hand of Confederate General J. Johnston Pettigrew to his brother. Cover is addressed in his hand to W. S. Pettigrew at Raleigh, N.C and franked with 5c Light Blue, De La Rue (6) four-margin tied...Read More »

General Gouverneur K. Warren War-date document signed

1 warren



This is a rare and wonderful War-Date endorsement by Gouverneur K. Warren (1830-82), Maj. General, USA (NY). He played a role in the following major battles: Big Bethel, Peninsula campaign (WIA). 2nd Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg (“Savior of Little Round Top”), VA Overland campaign...Read More »

Captain Thomas D. Chamberlain War-Date Autograph with Rank, Date and Place

1 thomas d


Featured is the earliest war-date autograph by Thomas D. Chamberlain and the only one signed as Captain that I have ever seen. 1 page, both sides, dated January 5th, 1865, near Petersburg, VA, Thomas D. Chamberlain signs off on a list of...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Autographed Letter Signed

1 chamberlain


Featured is a beautiful full page Post-Script letter written in the hand of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Signed “J. L. C.,” 5 x 8, Office of the Surveyor of Customs, Port of Portland ME letterhead, originally written on October 30, 1900. 1 Page, In very...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain signed Document

1 jlc



Featured is a fantastic document signed by General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, framed with a high quality 5 X 7 hand tinted reproduction photo. The document is from 8 July 1876, itemizing charges for a student at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, where Chamberlain...Read More »

General A.P. Hill Autograph Letter Signed

2 hill


Here is a rare and extremely desirable handwritten letter that you can add to your Civil War collection. Signed, “A. P. Hill.” Found on the verso of a one page, 7.75″ x 9.75″, “Drawing Div. / Coast Survey Office,” February 4, 1858, Lt. Jonathan C. Lidball...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain hand-addressed Envelope

1 jlc


This is a wonderful hand-addressed Hotel Grand Continental, Cairo, envelope incorporating his full signature, 6 x 4.5, addressed to “Mrs. Joshua L. Chamberlain, 226 Maine St., Brunswick, Maine, Etats Unis.” In fine condition, with some scattered light soiling. Accompanied by a...Read More »

Civil War General Dan Sickles Autograph

1 sickles


Featured here is a nice autograph with date written by General Dan Sickles. All comes beautifully matted and framed and is ready for the wall. Overall size of the framed piece is 19 X 14.5. Autograph is in fine condition with some light soiling.

...Read More »

General Joshua L. Chamberlain Autographed Letter Signed

Chamberlain letter 1


Featured is an amazing 6 page letter written by the famed 20th Maine Commander,  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. In all my years of collecting, I have not seen as nice or complete an example as this by Chamberlain. This ALS is signed “Lawrence,” includes six pages on...Read More »

14th Brooklyn Gettysburg Document    

4 14th brooklyn


This piece captures the 14th Brooklyn, the famed unit who suffered heavy casualties at Gettysburg, during a key moment in history. With this document is pictured a limited edition canvas giclee hand signed by the incredibly renowned artist Keith Rocco. Called “The 14th Brooklyn...Read More »

General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Letter Signed



This is a wonderful ALS signed “J. L. C.,” one page both sides, 5 x 7.75, no date, but postmarked May 3, 1891. Letter to his wife written from New York. In part: “Do not think I am ‘keeping tally’ with...Read More »

Civil War General Joshua L. Chamberlain Ink Signature with Kunstler Print

1 chamberlain



This piece is a wonderful tribute to the 20th Maine Regiment and the man who commanded it, Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Featured in this one of a kind piece is an original clip ink signature “Joshua L. Chamberlain Bvt. Major General. USA” on an off...Read More »

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Signed Bank Check


This is truly an incredible piece of history! This is an ORIGINAL 1876 First National Bank of Brunswick Check signed by Former Civil War Union General Joshua Chamberlain. “For his gallantry at Gettysburg, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was given the...Read More »


apple 1



This is a beautiful one of a kind piece that would be the perfect addition to your Civil War collection. Two highly collectible and desirable pieces have been combined and framed together to create an incredible tribute to General James Longstreet, “Lee’s old warhorse”.

The first piece is...Read More »

General James Kemper Signed note and Gallon print

2 kemper



This is an incredible piece that features a handwritten note by Confederate General James Kemper and a limited edition print hand signed and numbered by Dale Gallon. The handwritten note is written completely in General Kemper’s hand, and he is...Read More »

General Wade Hampton Autograph with Kunstler Print

1 Hampton


This is a visually stunning piece that captures Confederate General Wade Hampton leading his troops in a desperate charge at Trevilian station. The art is a limited edition, mint condition Mort Kunstler print, titled “Charge at Trevilian Station”. The signature is an original card signature...Read More »


2 reynolds



This is an incredible, one of a kind piece that can only be offered here. This piece features a war-dated handwritten note and full signature clip AES of General John. F. Reynolds, signed as General commanding the Vols. General Reynolds...Read More »


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