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Confederate General Robert E. Lee War Date Clip Signature


Large War date clip signature, Richmond, (VA), 5 Sept.’ 64. Very fine. Measures 2.5 X 3.75. Perfect item for framing. 

Robert E. Lee (1807-70), General, CSA. Legendary ANV Commander.

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Civil War Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase War Date ALS


Autograph letter signed at the bottom “S.P. Chase” as Secretary of the Treasury. 1 Page in ink, January 4th, 1862. From the treasury department. The letter is written on extremely thin and fragile paper and contains folds, toning and wear. Signature is bold and...Read More »

Confederate General John Bowen War Date Endorsement Signed


Featured here is a wardate clip ES as brig. Genl. Comdg. (Circa 1862). Very fine. Perfect item for framing. Measures 1.25 X 3. This is an extremely rare signature.

John Bowen: Major General 1830-1863. A...Read More »

Confederate General P. G. T. Beauregard ALS


ALS signed “G. T. Beauregard,” one page, lightly lined, 4.5 x 7, October 5, 1866. Letter to Mrs. Charles O’Conner, in part: “I beg to enclose you my photograph as promised. I hope it may reach you…it was taken lately in Paris—Hoping to receive yours...Read More »

Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles War Date LS


Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles War-date Letter Signed on Navy Department stationery. Nicely framed with an original engraving and presented to an overall size of 24 X 18 and ready for your wall. Some folds. 



General Robert E. Lee Document Signed


General Robert E. Lee document signed. Louisville: 25 April 1855. Document signed “R.E. Lee” as Lt. Colonel of the 2nd Cavalry, the text also in Lee’s hand acknowledging receipt of a circular. 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches (11.5 x 9 cm);...Read More »

Union General Winfield Scott Hancock War Date ANS


Winfield S. Hancock (1824-86), Major General, USA  & Presidential candidate (1880). Pennsylvania. Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg (WIA), Petersburg.

Autograph Note Signed (ANS) signed with rank as Maj. Genl. Comdg.

“I am not well acquainted with...Read More »

General David McMurtrie Gregg & Col. Charles H. Smith War-Date Signed


Civil War Union Brigadier General David McMurtrie Gregg & Colonel (Medal of Honor) Charles H. Smith War-Date Endorsements Signed. This item was professionally framed with a reproduction photograph of General Gregg to a size of 18.5″ x 13.5″. It is double...Read More »

Confederate General Jubal A. Early War Time Clip Autograph


Jubal A. Early (1816-94), Lt. General, CSA (VA). Wartime clip as Maj. Genl. from verso letter. Overall very fine. A nice example and highly suitable for framing. 

Jubal Anderson Early (November 3, 1816 –...Read More »




Civil War General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick War Date LS

A remarkable and detailed glimpse into Kilpatrick’s first engagement with the rebels


Civil War–dated LS boldy signed “Respectfully submitted, J. Kilpatrick, Lt. Col. Commanding,” three pages on two...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee Framed Signature with CDV


Crisp ink signature, “R. E. Lee,” on an off-white 2.5 x .75 lightly-lined slip affixed to a slightly larger card. Nicely mounted, matted, and framed with a carte-de-visite of Lee to an overall size of 10.25...Read More »

General William Barksdale Cut Signature


Clip autograph, dated 1/6/58 as U.S. Member of Congress. Very fine. Rare. 

William Barksdale (1821-63), Brig. General, CSA (TN/MS). 1st Manassas, Peninsula campaign, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg (MWIA).




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President John Adams Handwritten Document


Featured here is a desirable, lengthy example from this sought-after founding father beautifully custom framed with photo. Unsigned handwritten document, one page, 6 x 7.5, 1767. An itemized bill for work done by Benjamin...Read More »

President James Garfield ALS




Featured here is a nice Autograph Letter Signed, “Ja. Garfield,” one page, 7.25 x 8.75, on April 18, 1870. Letter to S. B. Harmer, in full: “Yours of the 16th is received. The address of Genl. James B. Steedman is Toledo, Ohio;...Read More »

20th Maine Commander Ellis Spear War Date Autograph Note Signed


Superb and exceedingly rare War dated battlefield note in pencil, 1 page, both sides. Written by Major Ellis Spear of the 20th Maine, scribbled during the Battle of Cold Harbor in 1864. The note was written at Bethesda Church, but not during the...Read More »

Civil War Dated ALS-Abraham Lincoln


Civil War–dated ALS signed “Wm. Henry Shelton,” three pages both sides, 5 x 7.5, April 9, 1864. Letter describing an encounter with Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre. In part: “Monday evening I heard Edwin...Read More »

Confederate General Fitzhugh Lee CDV & War-Date Endorsement Signed


Civil War Confederate Major General Fitzhugh Lee CDV & War-Date Endorsement Signed. Fitz Lee was one of the most popular Confederate Generals during the war. His post-war signed items are quite plentiful, with him usually signing those items “Fitzhugh...Read More »

General Adelbert Ames Signed Cabinet Card


Here is a beautiful signed Cabinet Card of General Adelbert Ames, former commander of the 20th Maine and Medal of Honor Recipient. He signs boldy with all ranks. Studio is Marion out of Lowell, MA....Read More »

General George Meade War-Date Autograph Letter Signed

2 meade


Featured here is a superb war-date ALS signed by General George G. Meade, dated January 8th, 1864, on his Headquarters Army Of The Potomac stationary. Measuring 5″ X 7″ it is one page in dark ink thanking B. F. Wilson...Read More »

Confederate Generals Bryan Grimes and John B. Gordon War Date DS, 6th Alabama.


Very rare and desirable Confederate document form. Document Signed (DS), 2 pages, 8 X 10, Army of the Confederate States, Certificate of Disability for...Read More »

General Joseph Hooker War Date ALS


Civil War-dated ALS, one page both sides, 5 x 8, April 13, 1863. Letter to Franklin Philip, in full: “I have just received & paid my respects to one bottle of the box of splendid punch you...Read More »

Sixth Plate Double Armed Union Soldier


Sixth-plate tintype of soldier of short stature with “A” on cap, holding his musket and bayonet. He’s got one, possibly two knives in his belt. Posed before great scenic backdrop. On left we see...Read More »

Stereoview Photograph of the dead at Antietam-Gardner 1862

antietam dead317


Taken from a well-known Alexander Gardner photograph, this stereoview, measuring 6.75″ x 3.25″, shows the corpses of three men, all of whom are Confederate soldiers, lying before a fence. Number 566 of the series “Photographic Incidents of the...Read More »

Union General George G. Meade ALS


Autograph Letter Signed, “Geo. G. Meade, Maj. Genl. U.S.A.,” one page both sides, 5 x 8, Headquarters, Department of the East letterhead, October 31, 1867. Letter to Assistant Secretary of the Treasury J. F. Hartley....Read More »

Confederate General James Longstreet War Date ALS


Here is a superb early-war dated Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 1 page, 8vo., Taylor’s (Manassas,VA area), 12/6/61 with notation by Genl. G.T. Beauregard and signed with his initials at the...Read More »

General Ulysses S. Grant War Date Endorsement


Self-contained war-dated endorsement, signed “U. S. Grant,” one page, 3.25 x 6.25, dated September 14, 1864. Written in another hand, Grant recommends New York Governor Horatio Seymour approve a general’s request, in full: “Respectfully forwarded...Read More »

Confederate General Adley Gladden War Time Cut Signature 



Large clip autograph as Brig. Genl. Comdg. 1st Brigade (Withers Division). Overall very good with toning, soiling and small folds. Measures 3 X 2. Gladden was mortally wounded at the Battle of Shiloh in April...Read More »

Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham War-Date Autograph Letter Signed



A fascinating Civil War-dated ALS signed “W. C. Wickham,” four pages, lightly-lined on two adjoining sheets, 7.75 x 9.75, no date but circa 1863. A letter to Lucy, in part:

“I...Read More »

Civil War Tintype Union Corporal with Hardee Hat

hardee hat


Here is a fine tintype of a Union corporal wearing a Hardee hat with infantry insignia, Co. B insignia, and the regimental number, though it is tough to decipher.  He stands with his musket on...Read More »

General Earl Van Dorn War Date Cut Signature with Rank

van dorn 1


Cut autograph, in ink; “Earl Van Dorn, Maj. Genl”. Clip measures: 4” x 1 ½” Overall fine with vertical folds passing through his name. Scattered toning. Rare. 

The general was a West Point graduate and like many...Read More »

General Hiram Berdan ALS


ALS signed “H. Berdan,” one page, 5 x 8.25, November 3, 1867. Letter to a general, in part: “I have had a full talk with Mr. Rumwich & he desires…you to send him the Allin Patent, also the...Read More »

Civil War Physician Document & Display


Here is a beautifully framed Partly-printed DS, one page, 8.5 x 13, October 23, 1863. Document headed “Contract with a Private Physician,” made “between Surgeon W. S. King, of the United States Army, and Dr. M....Read More »

20th Maine Lt. Col. Walter G. Morrill War Date ALS *MOH*


Featured here is a wonderful Autograph Letter Signed, written by Medal of Honor winner and 20th Maine commander Walter G. Morrill. Signed at the bottom as “Lieut Col Comdg 20th Maine Vols.” Morrill was a...Read More »

Quarter Plate Tintype Double Armed Union Soldier


Here is a nice Quarter plate showing a standing Union Soldier holding a sword with a small pistol tucked in his belt. His Kepi rests on a flag draped table. Backdrop shows camp scene. Overall...Read More »

1859 SHARPS CARBINE #48854

5 sharps


Absolutely beautiful all original Sharps Carbine, with a serial number that puts it with the 6th NY Cavalry. This has a .52 caliber, 22″ barrel marked “New Model 1859”, bore very good. Metal is mostly smooth and gray with areas...Read More »

Period Oval Albumen Photograph of the Officers of the 30th Maine Vol. Inf.

1 30th maine


This is an absolutely wonderful image of the Officers of the 30th Maine and quite possibly unpublished. Measuring 7 1/2″ X 9 1/2″, the image is in perfect condition and very nicely posed. Officers feign looking at maps, many...Read More »

Union General William T. Sherman Signature


He writes: “William T. Sherman, General. New York. October 20th, 1886” The Sherman signature is beautifully matted and framed to an overall size of 20 x 17. In overall fine condition. 


Nurse/Red Cross Founder Clara Barton ALS and Signed Photo


Excellent combination of two items: an extremely sharp matte-finish 4.5 x 6.75 portrait of Barton by Purdy of Boston, signed in the lower border in fountain pen; and an ALS by...Read More »

Continental Army General Henry Knox Autograph Letter Signed

knox 2


ALS from Henry Knox signed “H. Knox,” November 16, 1785, written by Knox while serving as secretary of war for the Continental Congress, in part: “Gave the necessary certificate to Mr....Read More »

President U.S. Grant Twice Signed Bank Check

grant check 1


Here is a double signed bank check as president, 8 x 3, filled out and signed by Grant, “U. S. Grant,” payable to “Self” for $150, July 17, 1873, also endorsed on the reverse by Grant. All but...Read More »

British General Charles Cornwallis Autograph Letter Signed


Featured here is a beautifully custom framed ALS signed “Cornwallis,” one page, 7.25 x 5.5, no date. In part: “The bearer appears to me by the inclosed letter to be in great distress—you will...Read More »

Confederate General A.P. Hill War Date Endorsement Signed


Featured here is a bold A. P. Hill Signed Endorsement on verso of a letter from a soldier addressed to Colonel Taylor requesting a leave of absence to care for his family. Single sheet,...Read More »

General Ulysses S. Grant War-Date ALS


Here is a superb Civil War–dated ALS signed “U. S. Grant, Maj. Gen.,” one page, 5 x 8, February 27, 1863. Letter to General James B. McPherson. In full: “Come down here...Read More »

Major General George G. Meade Hand Written Battlefield Orders!



Civil War Union General George G. Meade Battle of Totopotomoy Creek Hand Written Battlefield Orders. Two-page letter (one leaf, 3.5″ x 6.5″), dated on May 30th, 1864. These orders are written in
pencil and entirely in Meade’s hand....Read More »

Civil War CSA General Patrick Cleburne War-Date clipped signature

cleburne 2


Here is an exceedingly rare and desirable war-date clipped signature of the famed Irish CSA General, Pat Cleburne. Signed in a bold and crisp hand, highly suitable for framing. Overall Very fine condition. Photo Not Included.

Patrick Cleburne (1828-1864), a native of Ireland, had previously served in...Read More »

Boston Corbet War Date Signature



Boston Corbett was a Union soldier (1832–1894) who shot and killed President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Rare and exceptionally bold ink signature, “Boston Corbett, Sergt Co. K. 16th N. Y. Cavalry,” on an off-white 5 x 2 slip. Handsomely mounted, double-matted,...Read More »

Confederate General Ambrose P. Hill War-Date Autograph


The sought-after Confederate commander just months before his death on the battlefield


Offered here is a wonderful and rare Civil War–dated endorsement signature, “A. P. Hill, Lieut. Genl” dated at the Headquarters 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, December 20, 1864, on the docketing panel of...Read More »

General John S. Mosby ALS

1 mosby


Fantastic ALS signed “Jno. S. Mosby,” one page, Massanetta Spring Water letterhead, July 12, 1913. This letter has  direct reference to the Civil War as he recollects the famous “Greenback Raid”. Letter to “Dear Fount,” presumably Fount Beattie, one of Mosby’s rangers. In part: “I...Read More »

Civil War General Felix Zollicoffer War Date ALS



Featured here is an incredibly rare and fascinating war-date ALS by Confederate General Felix Zollicoffer. Confederate brigadier general (1812–1862) who was killed in action at the Battle of Mill Springs, making him the first Confederate general to die in the Western Theater. ALS signed “F....Read More »

Continental Army General Henry Knox Letter Signed



Signed as Secretary of War. One page, 7.75″ x 9″. War Department; March 9, 1793. Knox writes to Samuel Hodgdon concerning military stores. In full: “Sir. Please to inform me what are the military stores which are preparing in this townunder your inspection...Read More »

Battle of Gettysburg Autograph Letter Signed *Great Content*

1 gettysburg


Here is a fantastic Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages 5 X 7 from Washington, DC (Carver Hospital) 8/16/63. Soldier William A. Clark (Co. C, 17th Connecticut Infantry) writes to his family pertaining to the Battle of Gettysburg and unit casualties.

“… There is going to be...Read More »

Civil War 60th New York Infantry Battle of Antietam ALS

1 Antietam Letter


Featured here is an incredibly rare and stunning account of the Battle and Aftermath of Antietam, the bloodiest single day in American History. 4 pages, 5 X 7, written from Camp Loudon Hts. On 10/9/62. Soldier John D. Stevens of company K, 60th NY Infatry writes in...Read More »

Civil War Sixth Plate Tintype Double Armed Union Cavalryman

glass eye


Here is a very nice sixth plate tintype of a Union cavalryman who appears to be missing an eye.  He holds a cavalry officer’s sabre in one hand and has a Colt 1860 Army revolver tucked in his belt.  He is dressed in full uniform with...Read More »

23rd NY Cavalryman 1/4 plate tintype

23rd newyork cavalryman


Here is an absolutely stunning 1/4 plate tintype in full leather case of a NY Cavalryman. While the cavalryman is unidentified, the number “23” can be seen on his kepi and New York is the only Northern State to have a cavalry regiment that high....Read More »

CSA General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson War-Date AES



Small clip Autograph Endorsement Signed by the famed CSA General, Thomas J. Jackson. Dated October 27, 1862. Signed “T.J. Jackson, Maj. Genl” and measuring 1.25″ x 3.25″. Affixed to a small piece of mat board. Although slightly faded, his writing is still clearly legible. Toning and staining...Read More »

Confederate General Leonidas Polk War Date Endorsement Signed



Very rare war date cut ES, in ink, Signed “L. Polk” Overall fine with ink bleeding from verso and mild toning and stains. Cut slip measures 3 and ¾ X 2 ½.

Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana (1806–1864) whose West Point classmate, Jefferson Davis, urged him to...Read More »

Civil War CSA General Albert Sidney Johnston Autograph with Rank



Featured here is a rare and beautiful autograph of General Albert Sidney Johnston with several ranks listed, excised from a larger document. This must have been written just prior to the start of the war. One of the nicest examples I have ever seen of his....Read More »

Civil War CSA General Nathan B. Forrest Cut Signature

N.B. Forrest Auto


A nice example, he writes: “N.B. Forrest, July 11th 1868”. Overall in fine condition, with minor toning, feathering, and a small tear to the left side which only slightly affects the very tip of his “N”. All and all a nice example that would be very...Read More »

CSA General J. E. B. Stuart ANS

Jeb Stuart ANS


Here is a beautiful Autograph Note Signed by J.E.B Stuart, CSA Cavalry commander, just prior to the start of the War. Signed “J.E.B. Stuart”. Dated December 5th, 1860 all in his hand. He writes with a bold and crisp hand. In very fine condition. Perfect for...Read More »

General Joshua Chamberlain Check Signed

1 chamberlain


Featured here is a wonderful signed bank check measuring 6.25″ x 2.75″ on dark blue paper, drawing $50 from J. B. Brown & Sons Bank of Portland, Maine written by 20th Maine commander Joshua Chamberlain. The noted Union officer writes this check to John A....Read More »

CSA General George E. Pickett Card Signed with Rank

George Pickett Autograph


Card Signed in ink “G. E. Pickett, Maj. Genl, C.S.A”. Card measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″. Overall very fine condition with glue and staining along the outer edges that does not affect the handwriting. Very rare and sought after autograph and very crisp....Read More »

Confederate General Richard S. Ewell War Time Clipped Signature



Small war time signature “R.S. Ewell” signed below in another hand, “Lt. Genl.”. Overall fine. Clip measures 2 ¼ X 1. Suitable for framing. Rare and desirable. Photo not included.

Confederate general (1817-1872). He achieved fame as a senior commander under Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee Autograph with George W.C. Lee ALS



Robert E. Lee clipped signature affixed to 1 page letter, 5” x 8” , dated August 27, 1903, written and signed by Lee’s son, George W.C. Lee. George Lee apologizes to the letter’s recipient that he “has nothing better” to offer them than a clipped signature of his...Read More »

General Robert E. Lee War-Date Autograph with Sentiment and Rank

1 lee

Featured is a beautiful, large war-date clip autograph with sentiment and HQ imprint written in the hand of Robert E. Lee. I have seen many Lee autographs, but have never seen one where he signed Genl. Comdg. as this one is, nor has the...Read More »


1 stewart


Featured here is a very rare and desirable signature of James Ewell Brown. While serving as the 1st Cavalry Regiment’s quartermaster, the legendary Confederate cavalry general has written, “Fort Leavenworth / Mar 22d 1857. / J. E. B. Stuart. / 1st Lt. 1st Cav.“ Overall size is 3.5″...Read More »

General A.P. Hill Autograph Letter Signed

2 hill


Here is a rare and extremely desirable handwritten letter that you can add to your Civil War collection. Signed, “A. P. Hill.” Found on the verso of a one page, 7.75″ x 9.75″, “Drawing Div. / Coast Survey Office,” February 4, 1858, Lt. Jonathan C. Lidball...Read More »

President Theodore Roosevelt Signed Photo

1 teddy


Here is an engraved portrait of Roosevelt, 7.25 x 10.5, signed and inscribed in ink as president, “To Mrs. Janie H. Rupert, with the regards of Theodore Roosevelt, Feb 18th 1909.” Beautifully double-matted and framed with a nameplate affixed to the glass to an overall size of...Read More »

William T.Sherman Signed Cabinet Card

1 sherman


Featured is a large and absolutely spectacular 4.25″ x 6.5″ cabinet photo of Sherman in uniform as the four-star commanding General of the Army, by Brady National Portrait Galleries, with a bold and crisp signature in the lower border in black ink, “W. T. Sherman, General.” Printed text...Read More »

Ulysses S. Grant Signed Cabinet Card

1 grant


Here is an absolutely beautiful framed cabinet card signed by President Ulysses S. Grant, taken in Rome where he traveled after serving two terms as President. Grant signs his name to the bottom of the card, which features a sepia toned photograph...Read More »

General James Kemper Signed note and Gallon print

2 kemper



This is an incredible piece that features a handwritten note by Confederate General James Kemper and a limited edition print hand signed and numbered by Dale Gallon. The handwritten note is written completely in General Kemper’s hand, and he is...Read More »

Revolutionary War General Artemas Ward War-Dated Document Signed 

Artemas Ward 2


Here is a fantastic partly-printed DS, one page, 12 x 11, January 1, 1778. The document appoints Samuel Parish as “Lieutenant of the Company commanded by Abner Crane Esqr raised for the Defence of the New England States.” Signed on...Read More »

Revolutionary War Autograph Letter Signed-Clinton Beatty

Clinton Rev War


Featured here is a fascinating and historically important ALS signed “Clinton,” one page, 7.5 x 12.25, written on January 28, 1775. Letter from Clinton Beatty to his brother Erkuries discussing the drift toward war just months before Lexington and Concord. In...Read More »

Civil War Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson & General A.P. Hill War Date Signed Document. 

2 jackson



This is a truly amazing document! Here is a chance to own a historic document for thousands of dollars below auction prices. The best part, you don’t have to pay a 20 percent plus buyer premium that major auction houses charge!...Read More »

Confederate Major General Robert E. Rodes War Date Signed Document

3 rodes


Major General Robert E. Rodes is an extremely scarce autograph. Document is pre-printed and filled in with ink.  “ARMY OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES / CERTIFICATE OF DISABILITY FOR DISCHARGE” from the famed shock troops of the Confederacy, 5th Alabama Infranty. Private...Read More »

General Albert Sidney Johnston War-Date Endoresment


This is your chance to own one of the rarest war-date signatures from the Civil War and an incredibly important piece of history. This is a large, war date AES clipped autograph with rank written in the hand of Confederate General...Read More »


1 forrest



This is the ulitmate wall hanger featuring one of the most feared and prolific fighters during the Civil War. This piece features an incredibly rare 3-line signature in the hand of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest with a beautiful limited...Read More »


2 reynolds



This is an incredible, one of a kind piece that can only be offered here. This piece features a war-dated handwritten note and full signature clip AES of General John. F. Reynolds, signed as General commanding the Vols. General Reynolds...Read More »

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