Civil War Letters

Autograph Letter Signed Union Soldier: Abraham Lincoln


Fantastic Civil War–dated ALS signed “Moses Edwards,” four pages on two adjoining sheets, 5 x 8, April 24, 1865. With original mailing envelope. Letter written from St. Charles, Arkansas. In part: “One week ago today the sorrowful news...Read More »

Confederate Major Frederick Childs War Date ALS



Featured here is a very nice hand written letter, 1 pg. Quarto, measuring 8 X 10 inches. Written by Major Frederick L. Childs, commanding the Charleston Arsenal, to General Thomas Jordan who was the Chief of Staff for General Beauregard. Obviously Corporal...Read More »


44th OH Infantry Band ALS 2


This is a nice 8pp. letter from Charles S. Ramsay of the 44th Ohio Infantry Band. Accompanied by cover. Written in pencil and datelined ”Camp Piatt Nov 9th, 1861,” letter reads in part: ”…I echo the sentiment ‘Oh, that the...Read More »




Civil War General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick War Date LS

A remarkable and detailed glimpse into Kilpatrick’s first engagement with the rebels


Civil War–dated LS boldy signed “Respectfully submitted, J. Kilpatrick, Lt. Col. Commanding,” three pages on two...Read More »

Union Naval Commander Samuel Francis Du Pont War Date ALS



Civil War-dated ALS signed “S. F. Du Pont,” one page, 5.25 x 8, November 9, 1864. Letter to Admiral Porter, in part: “I believe Mr. Sawyer has already presented himself to you....Read More »

Admiral David D. Porter War-Date Autograph Letter Signed



Civil War-dated ALS, one page, lightly-lined, 8 x 10, October 24, 1863. Letter to the superintendent of the Eaglewood Military Academy, in part: “I enclose you a check for 48 61/100…for clothing…for my son Theodoric…I will send him...Read More »

Civil War Dated ALS-Abraham Lincoln


Civil War–dated ALS signed “Wm. Henry Shelton,” three pages both sides, 5 x 7.5, April 9, 1864. Letter describing an encounter with Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre. In part: “Monday evening I heard Edwin...Read More »

Civil War ALS Battle of Gaines Mill

gaines mill


Manuscript copy of the report by Major John C. Meginnis of the 18th NY Vols on the Battle of Gaines Mill, six pages, lightly-lined, 8 x 10, July 5, 1862. In part: “Enemy in front commenced shelling our...Read More »

Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham War-Date Autograph Letter Signed



A fascinating Civil War-dated ALS signed “W. C. Wickham,” four pages, lightly-lined on two adjoining sheets, 7.75 x 9.75, no date but circa 1863. A letter to Lucy, in part:

“I...Read More »

Civil War Battle of Gettysburg ALS


A letter in pencil, 4 pages on two sheets, 4 3/4 X 7.5″, Wheatland, July 4, 1863, in part: “We got here safely without being mistaken by the Rebels though...Read More »

Autograph Letter Signed Battle of Gaines Mill


ALS in pencil by John S. Burr, signed “John S. B.,” three pages on two adjoining sheets, 5 x 8, July 4, 1862. Letter home to his parents from City Point, Virginia, describing the Battle of Gaines Mill....Read More »


1 confederate


This is an amazing handwritten letter by Confederate Sgt. Thomas W.G. Inglet, Co. C., 28th Georgia Infantry. He wrote this letter during the seige of Petersburg on May 28th, 1864. I have added a photo...Read More »

44th OHIO INFANTRY 1861 Letter



This is a nice ALS from Charles S. Ramsay of the 44th Ohio Infantry Band. Accompanied by cover. Written in pencil and datelined ”Camp Enyart Oct 27th, 1861,” letter reads...Read More »

1st SC Lt. Arty./ Fort Sumter/ Battery Bee soldier’s letter

1 sc



This is a very nice Confederate autograph letter Signed, 2 pp., approx. 8″ x 12 1/2″, from Sullivan’s Island, Battery Bee, on July 20th/64. The soldier, Clark Eldridge ( Co.D, 1st SC LightArtillery), writes girlfriend on romantic matters at first and then it moves into fascinating...Read More »

Battle of Gettysburg Autograph Letter Signed *Great Content*

1 gettysburg


Here is a fantastic Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages 5 X 7 from Washington, DC (Carver Hospital) 8/16/63. Soldier William A. Clark (Co. C, 17th Connecticut Infantry) writes to his family pertaining to the Battle of Gettysburg and unit casualties.

“… There is going to be...Read More »

Civil War 60th New York Infantry Battle of Antietam ALS

1 Antietam Letter


Featured here is an incredibly rare and stunning account of the Battle and Aftermath of Antietam, the bloodiest single day in American History. 4 pages, 5 X 7, written from Camp Loudon Hts. On 10/9/62. Soldier John D. Stevens of company K, 60th NY Infatry writes in...Read More »

Civil War 53rd PA Inf.soldier's letter/ Spotsylvania/ MWIA Petersburg

1 petersburg letter


Featured here is a fascinating account of the aftermath of the Battle of Spotsylvania. This is a nice autograph letter signed, 3 pages, 5” X 7”, Camp near Po(e) River, 5/21/(64). Soldier William Smith (Co. E, 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry, wounded 6/16/64, Petersburg, VA, died of wounds...Read More »

Civil War Letter 123rd NY-Atlanta Campaign

123rd infantry letter 2


Featured here is a great autograph letter signed, 3 pages, 5” X 7”, near Atlanta, Georgia, 8/21/64. Soldier Harlan P. Martin ( Co. “E”, 123rd New York Infantry) writes to his mother:

“…the batteries keep up their firing on the city all the time… the rebels have...Read More »

17th IL Inf. soldier's letter/ BATTLE OF BELMONT, MO

1 belmont


Featured is a fascinating and historic  Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages (5” X 7”) written from Bird’s Point (MO) 11/13/61). The soldier is James R. Clark, Co. F, 17th IL Inf. And he writes his wife...Read More »


5th vermont



This is a great Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages, approx. 4″X 6″, from Camp Griffin, Va. 1/7/62. Soldier is John C. Sunderlin (Co.I, 5th VT Inf., wounded 12/13/62 Fredericksburg,Va.) writes wife that he is recovering from illness. “It is reported that...Read More »

BATTLE OF THE CRATER--4th NJ Arty. soldier's letter

1 crater



This is an absolutely superb Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages near Petersburg 8/13/64. The soldier is Henry Smith (4th NJ Light Arty.) and he writes his wife about the hard fighting around Petersburg. They have been “undermining the forts & then blowing the Rebs...Read More »


2nd manassas



This is an incredible Autograph Letter Signed with great Battle content regarding 2nd Manasass. Size is 1 1.2 pages, 8” X 10” from Washington DC 9/10/62. The soldier, Howard Hallette of Co. I, 25th Ohio Infantry (wounded 5/8/62 McDowell, Va.), writes his father...Read More »

4th TN Cav. Forrest's Division soldier's letter and cover

1 forrest



This is a remarkable Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages at Camp Fork, 5/11/63. The soldier, A. Anderson (Co.”B”, 4th TN Cav./ Forrest’s Div.) writes his wife  in legible pencil while recovering from a wound on his neck. Incredible content letter. I have probably...Read More »

Battle Of Cedar Creek Soldier's letter

1 cedar creek


This is an historic Autograph Letter Signed (ALS) in Camp near Middletown (VA) 10/22/64. 4 Pages, soldier (unclear name) writes “… the Rebs attacked us in the morning of the 19th and drove us about one mile and captured 10 pieces...Read More »

1st Conn. Hvy. Arty. soldier’s letter with flag remnants

1 flag



This is a great autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4pp, from Fort Richardson, Va. On 6/19/64. Sergt. Edgar Bennett (Co.”K”. 1st Conn.Heavy Artillery) writes “There is a great battle progressing on the Rappahannock now, yesterday Fort Lyon near...Read More »

20th Maine Henry Sidelinger Letter

3 sidelinger


This is an original handwritten letter by Henry F. Sidelinger of the famed 20th Maine Regiment who fought on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. He is writing to his dad about his promotion to Captain in K Company of the 20th, dated...Read More »

Confederate George M. Setzer Letter KIA Pickets Charge *Garnett’s Division*

1 Setzer


This is an original letter home written by George M. Setzer, an 18 year-old carpenter in Company F of the VA 18th Infantry. He was a soldeir in Richard B. Garnett’s division. He was killed on 7/3/1863 during Pickett’s charge along with his...Read More »

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