General Joshua L. Chamberlain Autographed Letter Signed

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Featured is an amazing 6 page letter written by the famed 20th Maine Commander,  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. In all my years of collecting, I have not seen as nice or complete an example as this by Chamberlain. This ALS is signed “Lawrence,” includes six pages on two adjoining sheets and one additional sheet, 5.5 x 8.5, Grand Continental Hotel, Cairo letterhead, January 30, 1901. Letter to his wife. In part: “I have just returned to Cairo from a visit to the upper Nile—750 miles South, into Nubia…it has been possible to see & explore the vast memorials of ancient Egypt many of which have been buried in the sweeping sands of the deserts for thousands of years…In my journey ‘by Nile boat’ up & down this mighty, historic river, I have been able to see nearly all that has been opened to human view on both shores, riding camel-back or donkey-back, ten to twenty miles over the desert to see the wonders & threading underground tomb passages like labyrinths, or catacombs, with candles & magnesium lights to see what pains these earnest people of thousands of years ago took to keep their bodies safe & ready for the return of the soul to them, so they earnestly believed…I was to have an interview with the Khedive if the death of the Queen of England [Victoria on Jan. 22, 1901] had not brought everything to a stand here until after the funeral.”

This original letter by Chamberlain is in fine condition and is a beautifully written letter that highlights the incredible writing abilities of this Maine-born war legend and scholar. This historical letter deserves a good home where it will be appreciated, shared and preserved for generations to come. It is accompanied by a color photocopy of the original mailing envelope. This would be incredible framed up in a collection.


Maine-born Union major general (1828–1914) who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his defense of Little Round Top at Gettysburg. He later served as Governor of Maine and president of Bowdoin College.

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