General David McMurtrie Gregg & Col. Charles H. Smith War-Date Signed


Civil War Union Brigadier General David McMurtrie Gregg & Colonel (Medal of Honor) Charles H. Smith War-Date Endorsements Signed. This item was professionally framed with a reproduction photograph of General Gregg to a size of 18.5″ x 13.5″. It is double matted, with conservation glass, and photo corners were used to secure the item in place.

This is a very special item that is signed by two of the Union’s best Cavalrymen. Brigadier General Gregg was one of the most underrated Calvary General’s of the war who fought in many major engagements, to include Gettysburg. His war-date signatures are quite scarce. The second endorsement belongs to one of the Union’s most dependable and steady Cavalryman, Colonel Charles H. Smith. Smith served most famously as commander of the 1st Maine Calvary and earned the Medal of Honor for his actions at St. Mary’s Church, VA on June 23rd, 1864. For his service, he was given Brevets to Brigadier & Major General on March 13th, 1865. These endorsements were excised from a larger document and translated they read:

Head Qrs. 2nd Cav. Div

Jan. 14 – 1864

John H. Kemper, late Major 10th N York Cavalry, when in service sustained the reputation

of being an intelligent and efficient officer. The within recommendation of the Commanding officer of

the 10th NY. Cav is fully endorsed by me.

D M M Gregg

Brig Gen Vols

Comg 2 Cav Div

I confidently endorse

the above.

C.H. Smith

Col. 1st Me (Maine) Calvary

Comdg 2 Brig 2 Cav Div




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