Confederate George M. Setzer Letter KIA Pickets Charge *Garnett’s Division*


1 Setzersetzer 3This is an original letter home written by George M. Setzer, an 18 year-old carpenter in Company F of the VA 18th Infantry. He was a soldeir in Richard B. Garnett’s division. He was killed on 7/3/1863 during Pickett’s charge along with his commander, General Garnett and many of his comrades. The letter is 4 pages long and is in very good condition. Writing is light but very legible. The letter is dated April 18th, 1863, roughly 3 months before he was killed at Gettysburg.  Also comes with the original postal envelope! Please see transcript pictured at the end of the photos to read the entire letter. This is a fascinating letter that provides a window into the life of a common soldier who was killed in one of the greatest battles in American history. This would be a great addition to your Civil War Collection.

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