This is a pre-war clip autograph as 2nd Lt, 1st (U.S) Dragoons of Confederate General William D. Pender. (1850′s). One of the youngest Confederate Generals during the War, he was promoted to Brigadier on the Battlefield at Seven Pines by Jefferson Davis. Considered by Lee and A.P. Hill to be a rising star, he fell mortally wounded during Gettysburg on July 2nd, 1863. This is a rare autograph and with a nice picture of him would look great framed on the wall.

Buy with complete confidence, the featured document is 100% Authentic and is backed by a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

About Pender:

The loss of Major-General Pender is severely felt by the army and the country. He served with this army from the beginning of the war, and took a distinguished part in all its engagements. Wounded on several occasions, he never left his command in action until he received the injury that resulted in his death. His promise and usefulness as an officer were only equaled by the purity and excellence of his private life.[4]

— Robert E. Lee

On this day (July 2, 1863), also, the Confederacy lost the invaluable services of Major General W. D. Pender, wounded by a shell, and since dead. No man fell during this bloody battle of Gettysburg more regretted than he, nor around whose youthful brow were clustered brighter rays of glory.[5]

— A.P. Hill

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