Confederate General John D. Imboden DS


General John D. Imboden Document signed. “J. D. Imboden”. No date. Overall very good. Although the signature is untouched and in fine condition, there is a small hole above the first witness who signed and directly under the words “For value Received “at the top of the document. Other than that, the signature is in fine condition and the document shows the typical wear, toning and folds one would expect. 


Confederate cavalry commander. Served for the entire duration of the War. Imboden entered service at the start of the war, serving first as commander of the Staunton Artillery at Harper’s Ferry, after its initial capture. He fought at 1st Manassas, where he was wounded by a shell fragment. He then organized the Virginia Partisan Rangers. The unit was redesignated the 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry, which Imboden led at Cross Keys and Port Republic.

He commanded a brigade of cavalry under Jeb Stuart at Gettysburg. During the Confederate withdrawal after the battle, Lee charged Imboden with escorting the train of thousands of wounded back to Virginia.

Arriving at Williamsport, Imboden found the pontoon bridge destroyed, and Federal cavalry attacked the wagon train of wounded. Imboden, with the river at his back, put on a stubborn defense until General Fitz Lee’s cavalry arrived and the Federals were driven off. He commanded a brigade of Ransom’s Division of 2nd Corps in 1864.

After a bout with typhoid in the fall of 1864, Imboden finished his wartime service performing prison duty in Aiken, South Carolina.

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