Civil War 60th New York Infantry Battle of Antietam ALS

1 Antietam LetterPRICE…SOLD

Featured here is an incredibly rare and stunning account of the Battle and Aftermath of Antietam, the bloodiest single day in American History. 4 pages, 5 X 7, written from Camp Loudon Hts. On 10/9/62. Soldier John D. Stevens of company K, 60th NY Infatry writes in dark ink that “the battle on the 17th saw men fall in every direction. We did not get one killed, only one man, out of the company. We had some wounded. There are some got their finger shot off. I never got a touch at all, but it got shot round us. The bomb shells cut the tops of the trees right off. The limbs fell all around us and the pieces of shells. The next day the Rebels turned black as a nigger. We saw some without any head. Some without any arms. Some without any legs. Some shot through their guts. The battle was in the cornfield. There was a rebel to every corn hill. Their field was covered with Rebels and where we, we was, in the woods were covered with the Rebels and our men, too. And the ground was black with them. It took hard to see them lay there bleeding to death.”

Accompanied with the amzing letter is the postally used cover. This provides a detailed account of the aftermath of the bloodiest single day of the War. One of the best Antietam letters I have seen.

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