Civil War 53rd PA Inf.soldier’s letter/ Spotsylvania/ MWIA Petersburg

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Featured here is a fascinating account of the aftermath of the Battle of Spotsylvania. This is a nice autograph letter signed, 3 pages, 5” X 7”, Camp near Po(e) River, 5/21/(64). Soldier William Smith (Co. E, 53rd Pennsylvania Infantry, wounded 6/16/64, Petersburg, VA, died of wounds 7/18/64) writes to his father in dark ink on a military imprint (eagle/ 4th Brig., 1st. Div., 2nd A.Corps) lettersheet about the Battle of Spotsylvania, C.H.

“…Father, I was in five fights already but the last fight made me feel sick when the fight was over and when we pass over the battlefield the dead and the wounded was laying that thick. We could hardly walk over the field. Some of them had the head shot off and some of them the leg and arms off and the horses was split in two pieces. I can tell you I look hard I found the nicest Bible that you ever saw in your life time. I read it every day. I found it on the battlefield . I got save through so far. I hope to God I may get save through all the fight. Father, you had stated in your letter about a “teem”. I can have a “teem” in June.  Some times Samuel Snyder(Co. E, 53rd PA Inf.) has a “teem” and his time will be up in June some time then I take his place. Daniel Artman(Co. E, 53rd PA Inf.)  send his best respect to you all… To you and my friends I was 21 years old on the 14 of May…”

Contains the usual folds and few repaired small tears, otherwise fine to very fine condition.

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