Captain Thomas D. Chamberlain War-Date Autograph with Rank, Date and Place

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Featured is the earliest war-date autograph by Thomas D. Chamberlain and the only one signed as Captain that I have ever seen. 1 page, both sides, dated January 5th, 1865, near Petersburg, VA, Thomas D. Chamberlain signs off on a list of regimental supplies. I have owned several war-date autographs from Thomas D. Chamberlain but this is the earliest I have seen of his. Most are signed at the very end of the war and none of them have “20th Maine” labeled. A document such as this is nearly impossible to find, especially one that is marked “Company G, 20th Maine” as this one is. Very scarce autograph and in overall F-VF condition. There is some slight separation starting on one of the ends of the folds but nothing a little archival tape can’t repair nicely. This would be a wonderful and rare addition to your Civil War 20th Maine or Gettysburg collection.

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