BATTLE OF THE CRATER–4th NJ Arty. soldier’s letter

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This is an absolutely superb Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages near Petersburg 8/13/64. The soldier is Henry Smith (4th NJ Light Arty.) and he writes his wife about the hard fighting around Petersburg. They have been “undermining the forts & then blowing the Rebs up & would have done a fine thing of it if the niggers had held their ground. But the Black Devils broke & run before they got into (the) fight. But we are gaining ground on the Rebs at Petersburg all the time and I think they can’t hold out a great while longer. Last night we took a whole line of breastworks from them…”, “not easy to be well when eating only hard tack and fat pork etc”…. Letter is in fine condition and easy to read. Smith signs with great military directions for writing back. Excellent content here and an incredible account of the Battle of the Crater!

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