Battle of Gettysburg Autograph Letter Signed *Great Content*

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Here is a fantastic Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 4 pages 5 X 7 from Washington, DC (Carver Hospital) 8/16/63. Soldier William A. Clark (Co. C, 17th Connecticut Infantry) writes to his family pertaining to the Battle of Gettysburg and unit casualties.

“… There is going to be a General inspection of the Hospital this coming week.All those that are able to go into the field will be sent right away and those that are not fit for field duty will be put into the Second Battalion of the Invalid Corps…4 of the boys that was wounded…died after I left the field… their names…(was) Francis J. Benson of Brookfield, wounded in the thigh breaking his leg. I was sitting within 2 feet of him when it was done. (He) died on the 16 of July, wounded the 2nd of July. Then there was Joseph Whitlock of Ridgefield…(his) arm was taken off, died the 16th. Rufus Warren died the 16. I saw his burial has taken place in Ridgefield…Daniel H. Purdy of Sherman. He was shot through the bowels and the ball came out at the bottom of the shoulder blade, died 16 (July). Also Smith Delevan is put down as missing. He was killed the first day’s fight. This is all the deaths as far as I know of since the battle..”

Overall Very Fine condition. A rare and incredible glimpse into one of the largest and most famous American battles ever fought.

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