44th OHIO INFANTRY 1861 Letter

             44TH OH INFANTRY 1861 ALSPRICE…SOLD

This is a nice ALS from Charles S. Ramsay of the 44th Ohio Infantry Band. Accompanied by cover. Written in pencil and datelined ”Camp Enyart Oct 27th, 1861,” letter reads in part: ”…The night after I wrote my last letter to you, there were some frightened men about camp. The report got out that the camp was to be attacked that night about half past seven. The guard at the Spring fired at some of the men who were just returning from off picket guard and they imagined that they were attacked and came down the hill crying ‘To Arms!’ The whole camp was soon all excitment. The Zouaves were all out and equiped and in line onside of three minutes. Some of them were wonderfully excited. We are getting used to rumoured attacks. The same report goes the rounds everyday in some form or other. Nearly every boat that goes up the river is fired into. Our scouts that started out after the firing into the boat I mentioned in my last letter captured one of the cavalrymen and brought him into camp. They have captured several prisoners since we have been here…Two weeks have almost been numbered with the past since I bid you good bye. They have been long ones…” The 44th Ohio Infantry served primarily in Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia, and contributed to a rout of Confederate forces at Dutton’s Hill, Kentucky. Charles S. Ramsay mustered into service as a musician on 8 October 1861 and mustered out on 8 October 1862 at Covington, Kentucky. Letter measures 5” x 8”. Fine condition.




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