20th Maine Henry Sidelinger Letter

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This is an original handwritten letter by Henry F. Sidelinger of the famed 20th Maine Regiment who fought on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg. He is writing to his dad about his promotion to Captain in K Company of the 20th, dated February 21st, 1864 roughly 7 months after fighting at Gettysburg.During the battle of Gettysburg, Sidelinger commanded company E alongside Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. This is a wonderful document for the Civil War and Gettysburg Collector. The document is 1 page, clearly legible and signed Henry at the bottom. On the reverse of the letter features his name and rank with 20th Maine.This piece is 100% Authentic and is Pre-certified PSA/DNA by Brian and Maria Greene, Inc. I also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all my items.

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